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New! – Cloverdale Skate Park


The decision was made last  year and finalized in March that the City of Surrey was going to rebuild The Cloverdale Skate Park – 17800 block of 64th ave. The original park will be torn down and removed and the new park will be built on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds, closer to the Cloverdale Recreation Centre on 176 st. The contracts with New Line Skate Parks has been signed and 1.6 million dollars has been set as the budget to work under. This park will resemble Chuck Bailey Skate Park in size and creativity will also continue the newest trend by having a portion of it covered by a roof.

The City of Surrey is out there bettering the skateboard community by providing these amazing facilities for us to use, and hopefully the other cities are learning from their lead.


If you would like to put in your input towards the design plan for this new Cloverdale Skate Park, please come to the planning meeting held May 31st, 6-8pm at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre – 6188 176st. Surrey.

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