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Holy Kwantlen Park Demo

Ironically, if you’ve never been to Kwantlen Skate Park you’ll think these tricks were easy. But this is got to be one of the shittiest Skate Parks there is. The obstacles are built pretty good, but they never levelled out the ground, so you’re always going either uphill or downhill. It helps for some tricks but is a real bitch for others.

I’m always amazed if I drive by this park and see anyone there, nobody skates it anymore now that Chuck Bailey Skate Park is right around the corner. It’s also in a rough part of town. But every now and then one of the old locals will go back for a taste, and this time it was Peter Kelly taking Travis Emerson with him, and what a Demo.

Major technical skills comin’ out. Solid job Boys!!

[vimeo id=”50094997″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

 If you want to check out the park it’s at Old Yale Rd and 104th Ave in Surrey, unless you’re scared…

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