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Do you know Dominic Devries yet?

I still remember the first time I met him a few years ago when Dominic Devries showed up to one of my Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey comps at the Fleetwood Park and I was super amazed instantly. Not only could he stomp tricks anywhere in the park, but he did it with style and authority. He was only like 14 at the time and could frontside flip the big 3block as clean as Tom Penny or Andrew Reynolds would. I knew right from that moment that this kid was gonna good….


As the years went by Dominic kept coming out to my events and others that I was at and he was just around more and more. Lots of people got to know him at all the main parks, and luckily people started filming him all the time. I gave him the nickname of The Dominator when he was 16 because that’s what he did. He went for big tricks on big obstacles and landed everything, and in competition he would rule it hard and was almost impossible to beat. He reminded me of Magnus Hanson and the Decenzo brothers as I watched them grow through their teen years. They all just have this extra natural talent inside them that makes them that much better than the rest of the crowd. But being really good at skateboarding means taking some bad crashes and Dominic is no exception in the broken bones category. This kid has taken himself out many times but always come back just as strong as before if not stronger. Dominic’s one of the main team riders for Chance Skateboards and just got put on Authentic Board Supply’s elite Surrey team as the secret and final rider. He’s got some other flow sponsors to help keep him skating and tons of support from everyone who knows him from Abbotsford to Vancouver and everywhere in between.

I’ve seen a lot of footage of Dom over the past couple years and every new edit blows my mind, but this new edit he just dropped recapping the Summer of 2013 is by far the best footage he has released to date – and Pure Street at it’s best. It really shows off his talent, his style and his commitment to skateboarding. At 17 years old, this kid could be the next big Pro one day. Watch the video and show him your love…

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