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Dermer Squad is Headin’ Your Way!

Be ready in the valley, Geoff Dermer and crew are heading out for a Demo Tour starting right now. Kitsch Skateboards has paired up with Studio Skateboards and they are making stops at 5 different skate parks in 5 days. Starting off at the Abbotsford Skate Park on June 13th, onward to Kamloops Park on the 14th, over to Salmon Arm for the 15th, across to Ben Lee in Kelowna for the 16th and then finishing it off in Vernon at Coldstream Skate Park on the 17th. This is a hefty list to conquer if you’re over the age of 16, there’s gonna be a lot of cramped up bodies by the 3rd day I’m sure. But nothing a bunch of veteran rippers can’t handle. They do it for the love.

Jai Ball, Chris Melvin, Bryan Wherry, Seth Cardinal, Stacy Gabriel, Geoff Dermer and more. Keep watch for them and be ready.

All demos start at 6:30pm

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