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Daewon…You so Crazy

Here’s a fresh teaser video from the one ond only Daewon Song. We all know Daewon is one of the most technical innovators of the sport, and him and Rodney Mullen definitely had a huge influence on me to set up my own obstacles all the time just like they used to. But the weird part about this video was how Daewon seemed to be skating all the types of spots I dream about – rocks, trees, just nasty stuff.

Check out Daewon’s part.

Now check out my last video part in “What  the “F” were we Thinking”. I think we need to get together buddy. I doubt the majority of my tricks can compare with Daewon, but at least we could shred the same spots…

[youtube id=”1zI-QmUcA1U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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