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Creature at the Rickshaw

Creature PosterA moment long awaited by many hardcore shredders, the Creature Skateboards Video is ready to premiere. Creature CFSU is coming to Vancouver and showing this Friday, April 5th at the Rickshaw – 9pm. It’s $2 to get in and the proceeds go to the Vancouver Food Bank.

If you like Creature, and you’re over 19 years old, then I suggest you go to your local street corner and bum $2 so you can afford to get in.

 Team Riders include:

Devin Appelo, Taylor Bingaman, Sean Conover, Adam “Scizzors” Effertz, Stu Graham, David Gravette, Neil Heddings, Sam Hitz, Truman Hooker, Alex Horn, Willis Kimbel, Adrian Mallory, Milton Martinez, Silent Mike, Darren Navarette, Al Partanen, Ryan Reyes & Chris Russell

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