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Another Year Begins

Each year I write my feelings

how I feel at that time

and what I foresee in the year to come –

Last year I stated that it was going to me “My Year”

And it was probably the worst year of my life…

This year I’m not looking ahead

This year I’m taking what comes

This year I’m looking back on what I have:

I look at my Wife, I look at my Son,

I dream about my Dad, and I talk with my Mom,

I think of my Sister and all of her Kids,

I thank all my Friends for being there through all this,

I wonder how life would be different without me,

What would have happened, where would you all be?

I’m happy for every day that I’ve lived,

I know the world is thankful for all that I give,

So this year is different, I have no big plan

I’m just gonna be me – The Man That I Am

And take what is given whether I like it or not

Smile every day, and be thankful for what I’ve got

Hippie Mike

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