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Always be Prepared

You just never know what life is gonna throw at you next, major injuries, people dying, thieves trying to rob you, or maybe there’s positivity in your future, you just never know what’s next until it happens. As a young boy I went to Boy Scouts and learned their motto “Be Prepared” and stuck with this motto for my whole life. It’s good to premeditate the future with options of what’s to come so that you are always ready no matter what. In skateboarding you just always need to be expecting that next injury but you still don’t know what part of your body will be affected, or how serious the injury will be. With this last big injury having my knee fall apart on me I wasn’t ready for it to happen at that time but I definitely was prepared for it to occur at some point in my life. It’s just another day, another battle, another challenge to overcome.


Recently a lot of us have been affected by a few key members of our local skateboard community passing away and it has been tough to accept but this is part of life and we do need to live on. Cherish the people and the memories you had with them and use this experience for yourself to grow. Take time to make plans for your future whether it’s about skateboarding, your career, where you’re going to live, who you’re going to marry, how many kids you might have, etc., and always be positive. Skateboarders are the toughest breed on the planet, let’s build ourselves a positive future that can last forever…

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