Ryan Decenzo – Ready for the Dew

Ryan Decenzo was always a good skater, and always solid. And it’s special to see him be known as one of the best Street Skaters in the world right now. The first real moment I remember of knowing Ryan was way back when him and Scott Decenzo were just young kids around 13 and 14 years old. They knew me and were stoked that I had shown up to their local skate spot Cougar Canyon School with Cisco Gooding and Jon Irvine and they followed us around that afternoon watching what we were trying. I still remember how stoked they were when Jon boardslid this super high hubba ledge behind the high school and that was what made me respect them, and I loved Ryan’s hardflips. Then I started seeing them around here and there and eventually when I started running Skateboard Competitions all the time, they would be there, and then of course North Delta Skate Park was built and that became not only home to these 2 brothers, but Training Grounds for where they have made it in the skateboard world today.

Ryan Decenzo has proven himself a master of the board many times in many ways, from being the first to do something, to the guy that did it the biggest, and definitely for being one of the most consistent at all times. He won the Dew Tour Street last year, and here’s what he has to say about this upcoming event. Make sure you tune in to NBC October 18-21 and see how he does.

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