Original Seylynn Bowl Blueprints for Sale

Calen Sinclair was a man who loved parabolic curves, the defining beauty of every woman on this earth, and we love him for this desire as that is what he focused most on when he designed our beautiful mother of Canadian skateboard parks in 1978 – Seylynn Bowl.

Seylynn Blueprints

Did you know that Seylynn Skate Park is now 35 years old and they are trying to make it a Heritage site which will protect it and preserve it forever? Pretty awesome! Did you also know that you can purchase copies of the original Blueprints of this historic piece of Canadian Skateboarding? Check it out here, there are 2 versions, one that is framed, signed and dated by Calen Sinclair himself, or another that is just a poster style print. Both are sweet!

Seylynn Bowl has helped to build skateboarding in Vancouver to what it has become. So many legends of the world travelled there to skate in competitions throughout the 1980’s including Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero  and many more, but it also molded some legends of its own like Carlos Longo, Alex Chalmers and the forever missed Carver Don Hartley. Every skate park has history, but not too many have as much as this one. Jump on the horse and grab some memorabilia while you can. And while you’re spending money, make sure you garb a copy of one of the coolest documentaries ever made – The Seylynn Story, by George Faulkner 


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