Finally a Skateboard Video that features Skateboarding

It difficult for me to watch a lot of the Skate Videos that come out now a days because there’s hardly ever any actual skateboarding in them. I mean some filmers are starting to get creative with their intros and outros but when it’s the persons part, it’s just bang, bang, bang, trick after trick. What ever happened to that part where people had to actually skate, and push.

Ethan Craig just released a solid video about a day of skating with Will Blakley downtown Vancouver. It’s awesome for a few reasons:

  1. Ethan pulled out one of the old style Hi-8 cameras to film with. The footage is grainy, and the audio sucks, just the way it used to be.
  2. It shows what a street skater goes through during their normal day of just skating through the city. Lots of interactions with random people, some positive and some very negative.
  3. It lets people see what skateboarding is really all about. Just cruisin’ through your neighbourhood, knowing all the bumps, cracks and funky obstacles like the back of your hand. And just having fun.

I wish the kids of today understood what it’s like to live on your skateboard and not get a ride to the skate park and back, but to just skate wherever you’re going that day and find the path that suits you best.

Thanks Ethan and Will for a great video sparking lots of memories for us older skaters, and hopefully showing the young guns what it’s all about. This video is so “Early 1990’s Style”, the only thing missing is Colin McKay and Rick Howard in Plan B shirts….

You gotta check it

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