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He Was Just A Little Guy, That Destroyed It!

Hunting around on Youtube and I came across this “Sponsor Me” Video from Protest Team Rider – Andy Anderson. It’s from 2009, so I’m guessing he would have been 12-13 years old. Andy always had so much support from his parents when it came to skateboarding, and it shows. Andy is such a rad skater right now. I don’t know anyone who would complain about having to watch him skate. He’s amazing wherever he goes, land everything he tries, and always brings smiles and laughter with him. Andy always had the skills to be a top ranked skater, even when he was under 10 years old. This video shows the era where he was just starting to get his own style, and was learning how to show it.

Maybe a little too much slow mo & freeze frame, but still a great video to watch.

Check it

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