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Canada Day Bowl Series 2012 – Seylynn Bowl

Seylynn Bowl Series 2012

I speak of it as my ChristmasJuly 1st.  Every year we go to Seylynn Bowl and hang out with the massive family of skateboarders we have grown up with in this Lower Mainland over the 14 years we have lived here. It used to be the biggest party of the year, but has mellowed down a bit. There’s still a large group of people hanging out and having a good time, but not nearly as many as the past used to see. I remember 350 person Canada Days… I would say about 100-120 this year. The weather could have been a factor on that note since it looked like it was going to pour rain at any given moment for the first couple hours of the day, and it had rained that morning, but I think a lot of people stopped coming out after the incident with Don Hartley in the bowl in 2009. A large part of the crowd seemed to have dies along with Don, and although his spirit lives on every year at on Canada Day, the atmosphere that he helped to create over the years will never be the same.

It was a great day for the event. Tons of people of all ages skating and having a blast together. If you’ve never been to Seylynn you need to go check it out, it is not the easiest place to skate, unless of course you frequently go there. Some of the best skateboarders in the world would just sit there if they showed up to avoid having to learn the lines in front of so many people. This was the first year I can remember in a long time where there was a large group of Beginners in the contest. I think that’s cool. After 18 years for a series you want to see new young faces showing interest. That way it shows initiative that the Bowl Series will continue on and on. It was also the first year in a long time that there was a Long Board Division. And we actually got to have a Beer Relay for once.

A great day, filled with lots of smiles, positive attitudes and tasty drinks. With the likes of Dave Boyce, Andy Anderson, Adam Hopkins, Steve Lange, Jamie Sherratt, Stevie Denham, Dave Priest, Eve Feaver, Hippo, myself, and many more all ripping the bowl all day it just makes for great memories. I’ll add those memories into the bank in my brain containing all the Canada Days of the past.

For those that want to know:

Adam Hopkins 1st place

Steve Denham  2nd Place

Andy Anderson 3rd Place 

See you at the next stages of the Bowl Series 2012 

Griffin       July 15th

White Rock       July 29th

Squamish           August 18th

Whistler             August 19th

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