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A Taste of Andy Anderson

The world is about to change for 19 year old Andy Anderson, a unique Canadian skateboarder that can literally skate everything. Ranked the #1 Amateur Freestyle Skateboarder in the world at the moment Andy has gotten himself a little bit of attention from some interesting folks, but once they realized that this kid is not a Freestyler by Trade but actually a fearless shredder in Bowls, Pools and any obstacle on the streets, they wanted to see more. So we are putting together a creative video that will showcase his all-around talent on his skateboard. Andy Anderson is definitely a One of a Kind skateboarder, learn his name, and check out this little teaser put together by Hippie Mike to give you a small taste of the type of footage you are going to see in the near future – stay tuned for more coming real soon…

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