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We like Weston – Welcome to the Team Budds

Weston Ganger - wheels team

I’ve always enjoyed watching Weston Ganger skateboard. He just comes up with some of the wildest tricks sometimes, but even is norm is awesome. 3 weeks ago at my Fraser Heights contest for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, Weston came out blazin’. The advanced category was insane that day and it was super tough to have only 5 guys in the finals, but 3 of them that qualified were unmistakable – Dominic Devries, Tony Casano and Weston Ganger. He came out even harder in the Finals destroying the ledges down the double set and the 9 stair, and with a few rail tricks and an airwalk hardflip up the step up he finished in 3rd place. Then he laid down about 12 tricks on the 9 stair during the Best Trick. I asked him later that night why he didn’t have any sponsors and he didn’t really know. I remember how hard he killed it on Go Sk8 Day this year too, and only got featured in 1 of the montages. I was like, man, people need to know about this guy, he’s creative, solid, fearless and consistent. And he goes for it. I asked him if he would want to be a part of the Protest Wheels Team and he said yes.

So a few days later we went back to Fraser Heights Skate Park and as the sun rapidly set, we filmed this quick video.

Welcome to the Team Weston! 

Now it’s time to really skate…

Check out the video, and be prepared for more Weston Ganger

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