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Don’t get Bombed…

The title says it all, but I’m not talkin’ about drinking too much. I’m talking about when you’re just out there living your everyday life, travelling to work and back, or riding the public transit to get to your favourite skate park. 3 separate Bomb Incidents have been reported along the skytrain tracks since Friday. The first one shut down the train between Gateway Station and Scott Road on Friday for hours, causing a major ruckus with crowds of people just waiting to fight for their seat on a bus now. There were 3 canisters with an explosive devise on the actual track that were discovered as a potential bomb. That night another mysterious package was found at the Metrotown Station that had to be apprehended and now on Monday, a Pipe Bomb at new West Station. What’s scary about this is that these are explosives that could just go off at any time and you would not be expecting it at all. Places like Skytrain Stations and Bus Loops are big targets for psychos because of how many innocent victims are around. It’s easy for them to place the weapon without being noticed and it’s huge news if they can injure a whole bunch of people.

So nobody knows who is responsible for this, or what there motive is, but be forewarned that there is definitely a psychopath out there with some screwed up plan in their brain right now and you need to be cautious wherever you go. Are these real bombs? Is it a real threat? Is this crazy person just testing the waters before actually placing something really destructive? Nobody knows.  But take it into account if you’re riding the train for the next while.

Don’t get Bombed…

Video and article from Ottawa Citizen


Newspaper Article from 1130 News


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