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What we Know is Just What They Teach us

In life, it is easy to be ignorant and just believe in everything you are told or taught. The media is the number one criminal for pulling you along in a story and having you itching to find out what’s gonna happen next, and the school system is just as bad sometimes for only teaching one-sided opinions. Just because there is a text book about it doesn’t mean it’s the only information out there.

We’ve been through this before recognizing the fact that all people are different, they have different interests, follow different religions, and believe in different ways of living. If we are not all the same, then why are we all forced to listen to the same content as if it is the only information that exists. We must stand up for our beliefs and express our feelings in a positive way by exploring the truth behind the lies we have been forced to listen to over the years and figure out how to change the world from having to experience the same ignorance.

I quote Bob Marley in a very powerful song, Ambush in the Night, from the most powerful album he produced, Survival –

“They say what we know is just what they teach us

And we’re so ignorant ’cause every time they can’t reach us

Through political strategy they keep us hungry”

This song was written just days after an attempt to assassinate Bob Marley in 1976. It talks about the political and economic turmoil that was constantly happening in Jamaica during this time frame and reminds us all not to trust anyone. As Bob Marley was pushing more and more towards freedom for all and creating the bonds of unity in Jamaica, some people were against his beliefs. And they did with Malcolm X, John Lennon and JFK, when they don’t like your beliefs and the force that you are creating, they try to put an unjust stop to it.

Do not trust the government, do not believe everything you are taught. Realize that we are all just fish in a barrel, expected to live a certain way, and those who explore other possibilities can easily be removed from the barrel and flushed down the toilet.

Bob Marley was extremely lucky that he was not killed during this attempt and it gave him more strength and more power as he continued to make music that changed the world.

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