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The End of the World is Coming…

Is the end of the world on it’s way? Were the Mayans right when they predicted that December 21, 2012 will be the last day we all see? According to the Mayan Calendar, that’s the final day. And with all these chaotic Natural Disasters happening around us, people are really starting to believe it.

2 large earthquakes off the coast of British Columbia causing Tsunami Warnings on Vancouver Island, and then this nasty Hurricane Sandy happening in the Atlantic Ocean, destroying parts of New York City. The city that never sleeps, had to learn how to swim, and fast. It is very rare that both Oceans are being negatively active at the same time like this.

There is always talk of the world coming to an end, and hey, the end is on the way. That doesn’t mean that it will happen this year though. Remember the Great Millennium Scare? The world was gonna end then too. The entire North American atmosphere was upside down over that one, buying tons of supplies, and building Bomb Shelters, and preparing for all the airlines to crash, and so on. Why? Because the government and the news kept talking like it was going to happen, and people believed it. Was the whole world fooled back then? Is the whole world going to be fooled again? The news is the worst thing for us as people, you have to believe some of what you see and hear, but how much of it? Look at this photo of the Statue of Liberty getting swarmed by the clouds. Everyone knew that there was a Hurricane Warning down there and so when someone photoshopped this picture and put it out on the internet it was huge news, and everyone started worrying right away that it was really happening. I thought it was a scene from the original Ghostbusters Movie myself, but you never know what’s real and what’s not. I mean it is kind of coincidental that 2 months before the predicted end of existence there is mayhem, but mayhem happens all the time. The past decade especially has been packed with tons of Natural Disasters, or “Acts of God” as some would call them, all over the world. There was Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which completely demolished New Orleans and left the people struggling to survive without immediate help from the American Government. There was the Tsunami that followed the massive Earthquake in 2010 and washed out more than half of Haiti which is still trying to recover. And what about the Cyclone Nargis in 2008 where almost 150,000 people in Burma lost their lives. All of these Disasters have been happening all over the world, and that’s part of the Earth and the way it revolves. If anything, we the Human Race, are the ones promoting these Natural Disasters in the sense of our technical evolution, drilling the earth for resources, and placing satellites all around us in space generating waves of electrical energy.

So what is going to happen next?

Is the world going to explode? Or is it just the living creatures that will be abolished?

Will we have another Ice Age?

Or is the centre of the earth just going to open up and swallow us whole?

Nobody knows what or when, but they tell you to be ready for it everyday, and that part is true. Because the way things are going, you never know what Natural Disaster is hiding around the corner ready to pounce on you, your city, and even your Country that you live in, and all you can do is hope that it doesn’t happen. Don’t take your days for granted, and love as many people as you can, so when the day does come you can feel accomplished.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods and fires –  

Onward to 2013.


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