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Old Man – How I loved You

Today, September 18, 2012, would have been my Dad’s 65th birthday but we lost him suddenly back in April. Still none of us can get over the fact that he’s gone and of course that we didn’t get to say goodbye. He was the strongest person I knew and at the age of 34 was told that he had 4 years left to live. Proving everyone wrong he battled through for another 30 which made a huge difference in all of our lives, especially his children. We saw someone who lived every day in pain not let it bother him. He accepted his disabilities and diseases for what they were and continued to live his life in happiness, never complaining to anyone unless they forced it out of him. He taught me that nothing is able to stop you if you don’t let it, you just gotta fight on. And now I am the age that his life was changed forever and I think of my family and how much they would be affected if wasn’t around for them.

Thanks for never giving up Dad and giving me the childhood I deserved.

Here’s a couple songs that always makes me think of him and how much of an influence he was on me becoming the person I am today.

I love you, man. And I’ll be just an amazing father to my children as you were.

Old Man – By: Neil Young

[youtube id=”dVC2cszdTao ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Father and Son – Cat Stevens

[youtube id=”Q29YR5-t3gg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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