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How To Move To A New Country Easily

Visa ApplicationSo your fairly young maybe you feel like your missing out on something and you want to experience something new. Maybe you have thought about travelling but never really got to the planning stages or were financially able to do so. If this is where you are, you’re probably going to want to keep reading this. I have been in Japan now for almost 3 months and am having a great time living here. If you are between the ages of 18 and 30 you qualify for a working holiday visa. What is that you might ask? A working holiday visa is a visa that lets you live in and work in a variety of countries for usually about one year (2 years sometimes depending on the country). Of course you will need a Passport too. Canada is fortunately one of the countries that is a part of the Working Holiday Program and depending on the country you wish to go to, you will be able to stay for up to a year and have the experience of a life time. Once your done your time in one country, you can apply for another working holiday in another country and see the world.

Qualifications vary by country, but generally you only need about $3000 in your bank account (the government doesn’t touch it, they just need proof you can support yourself until you find a job), medical insurance and a round-trip plane ticket.

To check which countries are involved, please check following link, then simply go to the website of the embassy of the country you wish to go to for more information. I can’t tell you how life changing my time in a different country has been. This experience is something that I’m sure will influence my future greatly in the years to come.


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