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World Round Up Recap 2013

Top 10 Pros

The anticipation was super huge for the majority of the participants that came to this years World Round Up Freestyle Championships. If they were there the first year then they were definitely trying to come back, and if they missed it, but knew all about it afterwards, then they were trying even harder to get there…

In the world of Freestyle there are only a few hundred people who are fully dedicated in the entire world and 40 of them showed up to The Cloverdale Rodeo to put on a demo for a crowd that really knows nothing about skateboarding. And that’s what made this event so special is that it really was more of a demo than a competition. Yes, people came to win, but mostly they were just stoked to be there, and even more stoked when the bleachers would fill up with an audience. The weather was nice all weekend which means more customers at the Rodeo, which in the end means more chance of people checking out the scene inside the Curling Rink where the best Freestyle Skateboarders in the World were showing their skills.

Hippie Mike and www.protestskateboards.com decided to cover the entire event and film lots of the skating and do interviews with as many of the competitors as possible. The skating was crazy and every single person had a different style and performed different tricks. When you have technical wizards determined to land everything they try, it’s easy to get too much footage.

Here’s our Video Recap of the entire Event filled with lots of 1 on 1 filming with all the riders during the warm up times

Starring: Kevin Harris, Russ Howell, Monty Little, Guenter Mokulys, Per Canguru, Ryan Brynelson, Andy Anderson, Mic Murayama, Takashi Suzuki, Kaue Araujo, Lucio Flavio Simas de Lima, Lynn Cooper, Masahiro Fujii, Toshiaki Fujii, Stefan Albert, Stefan “Lillis” Akesson, Felix “Fleppo” Jonsson, Darryl Grogan, Seya Nakano, Kilian Martin, Yuta Miyatake, Bert Mathieson, Daniel Trujillo, Jacob Whitt, Jesse Whalen, Sam McKinlay, Ricky Rodriguez, Tai Tai, Dan Garb, Adam Flood, Christian Heise, Tomo Koyano, Rene Shigueto, Thomas Nascimento, Alejandro Finy, Albert Kuncz and Mike Osterman

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