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When all you do is Hurt – you are stuck in a DAZE

Ethan Craig is a young but talented skateboard filmer/videographer in the lower mainland and has been dedicating his life to making amazing videos the past couple of years. Ethan has a solid following and gets a lot of respect  from the top dogs of the local skateboard scene which he totally deserves. Through all of this filming he has been invited to participate in video recaps of many historic events like Goskate Day, The Burrard Hotel Takeover, and more. And in amongst all of this Ethan had begun to film for his very own first big full length skate video called “Daze”. The whole internet craze with Youtube and Vimeo has really impacted the way skate videos happen and full length videos are becoming more and more rare and obsolete, so for someone so young to be thinking this way got a lot of people stoked. 4 trailers have been released so far to show what type of amazing skating to expect, and also display some of the talented individuals we were going to get to watch in it. The hype is fully alive right now and Daze was gonna be sick…

Ethan lost his gear

Then yesterday, the unthinkable and unimaginable and literally the worst think possible happened to Ethan. Someone stole Ethan Craig’s hard drive containing all the footage for his video. And now he feels like he has nothing. And in your mind you still have everything planned out for how the video was going to piece itself together. A true filmer edits his video in their head as the footage happens, and Ethan Craig is a true filmer. This is a very tragic thing to have happen to anyone, and coming from someone who films skateboarding  and has for many years, I completely understand the emotions that are running through young Ethan’s mind right now and sympathize in every way possible. It makes you hate everyone, it takes away your ability to trust anybody in this world, and it feels like a humungous part of your soul was torn out of your body and run over by a semi. I have had the same thing happen before where my house was broken into and all my video equipment was taken, and all I cared about was losing the footage. Objects are replaceable, but footage is not. Sometimes there are things that happened on camera that will never happen again and you were lucky to have filmed it. I quote Ethan here –

“I have today learned how only a few seconds can really change a lifetime. as well has how sentimental value it worth, millions and millions more then per-say it’s “retail” value.” 

Nothing is more true than this sentence because that is exactly how you feel when you lose something that you put your heart and soul into and cannot replace in a store. You can go back to the same spots with the same people and try and relive what was already filmed but it’s just not the same. It’s not as real.

I wish Ethan Craig the best of luck on getting his hard drive back. But if it doesn’t happen, he now has a lot of work to do to regain his focus on that end goal he had – Daze, a full length skateboard video…

It’s time for everyone involved to step back up and really come together with Ethan to support him and help him get back on his feet and recreate his dream. It’s not gonna look the same as before, but it can have the same result.

Nothing but sympathy for my friend Ethan Craig

Here are all 4 of the Trailers he had put out for DAZE

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