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UBC Skate Park – It’s all up to You now

After a couple of crazy days being in the middle of a major discussion Sean Campbell is stepping back from the lead role on this UBC Skate Park design issue. We thank him for being the leader and getting the ball rolling towards reconsideration of a new style design of the park. Both the reps from UBC and New Line Skate Parks were receptive to the opinions and comments Sean and others have made so far and I’m sure will leave their ears and minds open for more feedback about this subject. But it is now up to you, the public to continue this discussion with them. Sean does not want to be the Face of this battle, he just wanted to encourage people to join it. And really, it shouldn’t be a “battle” in the first place. One thing that we all know is that skate parks costs big money, and any design plans for any type of construction cost money too. I’m sure there is room to change but is it possible without more funding? I’m not sure. I wasn’t personally involved in any of the planning for this park.

Continue to send your feedback directly to New Line or to the UBC Planning Department just like Sean did initially and we’ll see what the outcome ends up being.

Either way there will be another skate park in Vancouver next year, and it will be built right.

Hopefully it’s one that makes sense…

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