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Sponsor Calvin Dignard

Calvin Front Board 10

Calvin Dignard – one of the roughest and toughest Surrey Loc, and also one of the most solid skaters you will meet. He always has a stern look on his face, and he’s always determined to land his tricks. Fakie, Switch Stance, Regular & Nollie tricks, Ledges, Flat Bars, Hubbas & Down Rails, Big Gaps, Small Gaps, Pole Jams & Launchers – this guy is fearless in the streets. I’ve been watching Calvin skate for years and he is always impressive. He wins a lot of free gear at all the local events and contests and you can depend on him to throw down on camera anytime if you wanna film. He’s got skills, tech tricks, determination & consistency. The only thing Calvin doesn’t have is someone with a camera to take him out and get shit done. He is sponsorless right now and that needs to change. I just gave him a set of Protest Wheels on Go Sk8 Day for him to test out. If he likes them, maybe he will be reppin’ ’em on the team. Who else is ready to help this dude blow up?

Check out Calvin Dignard’s Raw Street Footage video and remember that he barely ever has a filmer around.

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