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Sometimes People Love to be Hated but still Love to be Loved

Brad Muscat - Protest For Life

It’s coming up on 2 years that Brad Muscat, best known as Fighter, has been on the Protest Skateboards Team. I’ve known Brad since he was a little kid that skated North Delta Park and came out to my competitions. I originally put him on the team because of how depressed he was at the time, it’s a usual occurrence every Spring for this kid, but the main thing was I not only saw the potential of an amazing all around skateboarder in Brad but I recognized the fact that the only thing that ever truly made him happy in life was skateboarding and snowboarding, and I understood that. Brad is not only full of sick talent, but is a machine of a human. How many times have you seen this kid skating in a cast, and goin’ hard? And how many times have you seen him get completely annihilated into the concrete and after laying face down in pain for multiple minutes, get back up and stick what he was trying? In my opinion Brad is a true skateboarder, and a Skater for Life, and I wanna keep him that way. Life can get you down, sometimes you don’t have a place to stay, sometimes you have no money or food at all, and sometimes it feels like every direction you turn there is someone else standing there hating on you, but if there’s one thing you always have it’s your skateboard.

Fighter - mean Dogpisser Wallride - Protest Ramp

Brad Muscat rides for Protest Skateboards and we’re proud of that.

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