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Ryan Brynelson Joins the Fabric Skate-shop Team in Tokyo Japan

Ryan & Kojima

Last week I went out filming with Kojima, who runs Fabric Skate-shop in Yokohama Japan with his wife Saori. I first met these two in November when I was just practising at Shin-Yokohama Skatepark. Anyone who does freestyle skateboarding will usually have people say to them “Hey, you skate like Rodney Mullen”, but the first thing that came of Kojima’s mouth was “Hey, you spin like Kevin Harris”. I was instantly jaw-dropped at how specific he was. He told me that Kevin skated at his High School when he was a teenager and from there they became friends.

When Kojima and I were filming we went to a bunch of different spots around Yokohama that I had never even been to before. After we were done filming I asked him if I could join the Fabric team and I got a big yes from him and his wife. I will have a video part in their new shop DVD “Keepin it Real” out by next month. I’m stoked to be riding for them and to see how this relationship will link his shop and my skating together in Japan. Thank you Kojima and Saori. これからもよろしくお願いします.

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