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Razors are for Shaving – Not riding…

Man, what the hell is going on in the world when the “Skate Parks” are polluted with Razors. I just can’t get it through my brain why people are into this, it’s like a combination of a BMX and a Skateboard built for people who are scared to try either one of those. I can’t hate on the kids that are out there riding these mini scooters, they’re just kids, but what about these guys that are grown men?? What are you guys doing? I mean, if you gotta bend over 90 degrees or more to stand on this thing, does it not occur to you that you’re to big for it??

The Scooter Kids are taking over in the skate parks, especially in Northern BC. They get in the way constantly, and the more of them that are there, the more risk we are all at for getting injured when we’re trying to get a line in through the pack. All we can do is hope it’s a fad that disappears. Sadly though, some of these dudes are getting really good at it which is going to make it stick around longer. You guys gotta recognize that skateboarders are the only reason that we have all these parks, and along with the parks, the progression of extreme sports has been happening constantly, hence why we have tons of bikers in our skate parks. X games, Dew Tour and so on has been collaborating the 2 for years. Even rollerblading and longboarding were involved at the beginning until they realized that they both sucked and nobody wanted to watch it.

Kids do me a favour while you’re still young and try to skateboard, or bike if you really feel the need for handle bars. Fold your scooters up permanently and put them in the closet for good. Don’t end up in your 30’s riding a razor, please…

Here’s a video that’ll make you ill

[youtube id=”tINiGo9sb_g” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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