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Pitstop on The Fraser

Saturday August 24th is the 4th stop of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 and it happens at Fleetwood Skate Park. Fleetwood has had it’s share of crazy competitions over the years and they never let you down. There was one year when it rained so hard you could’ve taken your trucks off and surfed the flat but the contest went on anyway and the kids shredded. I remember so many times when I had to jump out my seat because of something that a Beginner did down the 3 block or some wild imagination trick that would go down out of the quarter pipe launch; times when the Langley crew like Jordan Repin, Jordan Zazula, Matt Ruzik and Dustin Locke would just annihilate the ledges and flatbars, or how about Mitchie with his patented hardflip he stomps every year, and you know the Mayer of Surrey will probably come out to display a frontside flip or two. So many awesome memories of contests at this park. Last year was stellar when little 12 year old Mathew McCauley showed up just as Intermediate 1st runs were finishing and I told him he had to compete right away with no warm up. He just walked up the 3 block, turned around and popped a perfect kickflip down it and then went on to have a flawless run hitting the ledges, rails and hip to hip and then finishing it off over the big 3 again with a solid frontside popshovit.

You never know what’s gonna go down at Fleetwood Park, but you can be guaranteed it will be amazing. Head out this Saturday and be ready for action.

16555 Fraser Hwy – Surrey

Hippie Mike's Tour de Surrey #10

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