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New UBC Skate Park has been Dominated

People better start to recognize that Dominic Devries is most likely one of the next biggest skaters of the world. At 16 years of age he has more ridiculous street tricks on lock then Ryan Sheckler did back in the day. I remember seeing when Ryan Decenzo was hitting this point of technicality and consistency in his skating and look at where he is now. Somebody needs to take this kid under their wing and blow him up in the scene.

Dominic shows his skills off at the New UBC Park on the first weekend it was open, while it’s trying to rain off and on all day. You can see what I’m saying when you watch this video. Understand it as half of the tricks he lays down are tricks that people would work weeks or months on perfecting at a spot and this is still one of his first times skating there.

I haven’t been to UBC park yet, but after watching this video I’m glad I’m not much of a ledge and rail skater or I might feel a little pressured to try tricks at this level – Insane.

I got 2 things to say:
Dominic – hit some more tranny and learn to kill it like you do the streets


God Damn – UBC Park got Dominated...

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