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Skate Barn Teaser

As most of you have learned over the years I am definitely what you call a creator. And every creator comes up with tons of ideas, but needs a special thing called motivation to bring these creations to life. Another key is to collaborate with lots of people along the roads we travel who also like to create and have the same type of motivation. Partnership is a key to success in many situations, especially when creating events for an entire community. We bring you tons of awesome competitions and community events all the time, we provide things to do with your friends and families that are fun and safe, and we try our best to ensure that everyone is welcome to whatever we create. But every winter there always seems to be the same old issue that comes up, nowhere to go when it’s cold and wet. Even with these awesome skate parks Surrey is creating lately with covered areas in them it’s still not always sufficient. I personally will always look for more ways to bring the skateboard community together and will always provide the next generations with anything I can that helps them to learn and grow and be strong. Together, we can do anything.

There’s something in the works right now, a place to stay warm and dry, a place to learn from awesome people, and just a place to hang out and have fun being yourself.

I can’t tell you what’s happening yet, but I can tell you this – it’s happening soon…

Stay tuned

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