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Little Long-Hair LeTourneau – Ain’t so Little no More

In the 8 1/2 years I worked at The Cloverdale Youth Centre, I got to know a lot of kids and William LeTourneau was always one of my favourites. I remember him when he first started skateboarding, super long hair, and just loved to flow. He looked up to Mitch Salter back then and they were two of the few that would actually venture into the nasty assed death bowl at the Cloverdale Skate Park with speed and air that peninsula. Back then William could cruise that park and was just hittin’ up early grabs and coping grinds all over the place, but as he got older, and trimmed that hair so it was only hangin’ down to ears, he fell into the traps of those ledge skating locals proving himself to be an all around shredder. I think that skaters who learn in tranny first and then pick up the street tricks seem to have a better sense of commitment on their boards. They’re used to stayin’ on, grindin’ long, and goin’ big. Look at Andy Anderson – perfect example.

William LeTourneau has been ripping for many years now and has won his share of prizes in the past as well. I was there when he started, I was there when he quit and started again, I was there when he had long hair, I was there when he chopped it, and I’m still there – lovin’ to see another natural skateboarder grow up strong.

Keep it up buddy!! Can’t wait to see what’s next…

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