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Kaelen Faux – Pro for a Day

There was a new feature added to the 2016 World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboard Championships called “Pro for a Day” where kids 10 years or younger can enter to be a special guest at the World Round-Up. As this special guest they get to hang out with all the competitors, have fun at the fair, and also do some freestyle demos for the crowds during the competition getting the feeling of being a true Pro.

6 ½ year old Kaelen Faux was the lucky kid who got to set the precedence of this new addition, and he made sure that everyone was stoked. Sponsored by Protest Movement, a company who believes in creating opportunities to assist in positive growth of our next generations, Kaelen was treated like a true Pro all weekend long. He left his home in Sunshine Valley, BC with nothing but smiles on his face and excitement in his voice and put on 2 solid performances for the audience each day of the competition. He was truly appreciated and respected by all competitors and lots of them took time to teach Kaelen some more awesome tricks. Finishing the weekend off with a fun day at the Fair, Kaelen had a blast playing games, riding ponies, winning prizes and even getting on some of those terrifying rides. He even got to ride the Tilt a Whirl with 13 year old Isamu Yamamoto from Japan who placed 2nd in the Pro division. It was a great time and a memorable experience for Kaelen Faux, one that we are sure he will never forget. Now the only question is: Do you want to be Pro for a Day??

And keep watch on The World Round-Up website www.theworldroundup.com for more information on how you can enter to be Pro for a Day in 2017.

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