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John Hanlon sets new Canadian Record for Highest Ollie!!

It was the Element Skateboards – Make it Count Contest at Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey, BC today (July 21st, 2012) and after the contest was over they had a “Highest Ollie Contest”. Chad Albert pulled out the prop and set it up. Rules were that once you hit the bar with any part of your board, you were out. After the competitors got over 32” MC Cyrus started giving everyone 2 tries, and once they were up near the original record of 37” they could take a few extra attempts. John Hanlon broke the record with ease and then ollied the highest one first try – 40”. He was the only one to make the 40” mark and so he went on to try the 41”, making it over in multiple attempts but just nicking the bar with his back wheels so it didn’t count.

Surrey represent – John Hanlon, new Leader in Canadian Ollies:


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