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Hippie Mike sponsored by Surrey Shirts

Another company adds Hippie Mike to their list of people they sponsor to represent and promote their brand, and this one is another one of those companies that is local and chose to make Mike the 1st person on their team. Mike as we all know is a positive image in the skateboard community and in the City of Surrey, working with Parks and Rec for over a decade, creating tons of awesome events and bonding the skate community to the Surrey Food Bank and other organizations. He has helped to bring many people together in many different ways and is always willing to go the extra mile to assist others in positive growth. Surrey Shirts is a local growing company and with Mike’s love and pride for living in Surrey, he was a perfect fit to represent their product. Some designs are fun and others are out to prove a point but they all relate back to one thing – Surrey

Hippie Mike is sponsored by Surrey Shirts1

As of December 1st, Mike’s skate shop Authentic Board Supply will be the exclusive dealer in Surrey carrying the Surrey Shirts brand.

Go check it out or peep www.surreyshirts.com to see what they have to offer

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