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Hippie Mike is Headin’ South

Hippie Mike's Tour de Surrey #10

That’s right, it’s stop #3 of Hippie Mike’s 10th Annual Tour de Surrey Series and it’s going down at South Surrey/White Rock Park this Saturday at 12 noon. So far the first 2 stops have been awesome with tons of kids pushing their abilities to the limits and trying their hardest to be the best, and lots of tough to beat dudes in Advanced showing up and laying it down. Cloverdale was hot, Fraser Heights was blazing and South Surrey is gonna be just as tight. It’s a great skate park with tons of transitions, a barrier, a spine, an old style bowl, and some unique street obstacles. The competition is gonna be tough like always, but no Andy Anderson this year so someone else is gonna have to win in Advanced. Who’s it gonna be? Can someone else beat The Dominator? Come find out.

$5 or 2 non-perishable food items to enter – registration starts around 11:30am

Check out this video from the Fraser Heights Contest which was filmed by Leah Bolton at JoyTV10 and is being featured on Channel 10 in between episodes until after the grand finale in September

And don’t forget that we have collaborated with Moonrider Productions and are making a full length documentary of this year’s Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10. Only one way to get in there, and that’s by showing up…

See you there

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