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Gonz is God

‘ve been watching skate videos since the bones brigade were formed ( mid-80’s) I love to watch the progression of skateboarding happen right in front of my eyes. I still watch a couple of video parts per day and I’m always thinking about skating. In my opinion the best skate video part of all time is Mark Gonzales part in Blind – Video Days. This part has it all. Never been done before street tricks( at the time) vert, mini and handrail tricks. There is a reason why The Gonz is a legend, the dude was way ahead of his time. When you watch this part remember it’s 1991! Look at all the switch and nollie tricks he does. His style is effortless and second to none. Game changer right here…

[youtube id=”gizM-PuVnY0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

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