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Fundraising for a Covered Skate Park in Toronto

I met Nicky Young last Fall when he called me up out of the blue and wanted to talk to me about Leeside Tunnel and the history of DIY spots. I was all for meeting up and giving some input but needed to know why of course. When Nicky explained to me that he was trying make a short documentary about how skateboarders sometimes have to take control to build their own spots now a days because of lack of support from some municipalities, and then he was planning on showing it to council in Toronto. I thought it was a great plan, but I get a lot of these random phone calls and emails from people all the time and never fully trust anyone at first. So I did a little research on Nicky to find out more about this random guy who found me out of nowhere only to discover that he was actually a really talented skater. Being a native of Ontario myself, and always being excited to help build a stronger skateboard society in places that are lagging behind, I decided to meet him. The meeting went great and Nicky left more than satisfied with the info I shared to him.

So 2 days ago I saw this fundraiser announcement on facebook about improving and building a covered skate park area in Toronto and it was hosted by Nicky Young. Right away I was happy to see that he had been true to his word and was now taking action in the right direction to make his dreams come true and reach his goal. Protest Skateboards donated the first $100 to the project right then, and with a small goal of $10,000 to be raised I foresee this happening quickly. Once the goal is reached, repairs can be made and the park can be built properly. So wherever you live, think back of all those years we struggled to get the first skate parks all over parts of Canada, think of all the years of fundraising and finding companies to sponsor and donate, and help this cause by reaching in your wallet and lending a few bucks. I know I will appreciate it, Nicky will appreciate and the next generation of skateboarders in that area will love you forever….

Here is the link to read more information and donate to the cause


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