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Ethan Craig – Lovin’ the Hi-8

Here’s another stylish video from Ethan Craig filmed all in the month of October completely on a Hi-8 Camera. It’s pretty long but worth a watch, not for the tricks necessarily, or even for all the rippers that are featured in it – Ryley Antoniuk, Gabe Dinorscio, Giet Rolan, Joe Buffalo, Hideki Ishii. Michael Ray, Ryan Lepore, Taylor Senft, Zach Barton, Mike Campbell, Mike Graveline, Adam Hopkins and Many More.  But like I said, this video isn’t about who’s in it, it’s about a guy who loves to film, and loves to edit and it shows. You can really see the premeditated visuals that Ethan carries around in his head prior to going out filming by all the fillers, funky angles and intro shots throughout the video. These are the shots that most people think of after the fact while they’re editing their footage and seeing the backgrounds at spots, where Ethan is seeing it as it happens, and in a way, showing up prepared for it.

It’s a fun video, lots of creative spots in ditches and on the back roads of North Van, at the ramp downtown, and of course at Leeside, and it brings back memories while you watch that old crackly style Hi-8 Footage of how skateboarding used to be when I was young…

Grab a snack and sit down for 20 minutes, and enjoy the show


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