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Back in February there was an Open House meeting regarding a new Park they are proposing to create at 6th and Fir in Vancouver and there was just another one today. This park will be an All-Use Facility”, meaning good for walking, running, hanging out with friends, and just pretty much being an overall nice place. But will it include stuff to legally skateboard on? That’s up to you.

skate bench

Skaters definitely showed up to the first meeting to share their input on what this park should look like and what special features would benefit us, the skateboard community. It’s like the opposite of a Skate Park Planning Meeting where you usually get a few random people that don’t skate suggesting building a pool instead.

Anyway, they came up with some options of designs and one of the options included “Skateboard Nooks or Features”. This is something that should be considered in any public park that is being created or upgraded in today’s world. Give us some obstacles or areas that are accessible, fun and legal to skate.

So now is your chance to be a part of this planning. Click the survey link below and cast your votes to help promote the facts that skaters want to be included in this future park. The pictures of the Options are not there but Option C” is the one that has Skateboard Features in it.

Vote for Skateboard Nooks/Features in Question 5 and vote for Option C in question 8. The rest is self explanatory.

The more surveys the planning department receives back with votes towards skateboard features, the better the chances are that this park will have some. And this could start a positive trend in Vancouver and other surrounding cities to just add legal features into plans rather than feeling the pressures of building huge skate parks everywhere. We want to be included everywhere.

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