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DIY Will Never Die

Do it yourself has always been common terminology in the world of skateboarding, we have always built stuff to skate. Back in the day before skate parks you just found a spot that was abandoned and put up some wood ramps until they either got taken away, broken, or some asshole would burn them for no reason. Now a days, the craze of DIY Concrete spots is going hard, people are building obstacles all over the place wherever they live, and all you can do when you make something good is hope that it doesn’t get destroyed. It’s always sweet when you find a barrier that would work perfectly if it had some concrete at the bottom or something like that, but that stuff is minor compared to what is going on out there right now. Look at Burnside as an example from the past. That place was all man-made by the locals and it’s humungous. Leeside is another great spot that was wood for many years and now, thanks to all the gravel the city of Vancouver donated unintentionally, it is one of the sickest DIY concrete skate spots around. The White Rock Res, which is actually in Surrey, is also constantly growing with more and more additions of street obstacles and barrier type quarters. There are a few other DIY spots around the lower mainland that are more secretive, and now there is another that has just popped up in a “secret location” on this side of the river. It’s awesome how in a world of so many skate parks, we still feel the need to build our own – something that is not going to be busy with little dudes in the way, something that is free to go to and just hang with your budds, something that is nasty, rough and sweet all at the same time.

Here’s a video from Dallas Lang at the newest DIY spot

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