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Dazed… but not confused

Sometimes people spend their entire life searching for answers about who they are and what they should be. And sometimes there are those rare cases where life just comes together and happens on it’s own. You have to find yourself eventually, but are there “Yellow Brick Roads” out there to hunt down, or do you just wait in one spot for a sign? Who knows how it happens but it does, and one day you realize who you are.

This young teenager has definitely found himself this past year. Pumping out video montage after montage, and focusing on local talents that others might not recognize, Ethan Craig has proven himself to be an amazing skateboard filmer and video maker. His filming is creative, and captures what matters, but his editing is just becoming phenomenal. At a mere 16 years old, Ethan has already made a name for himself in a community of thousands of skaters. And one thing I really like about him is that he can kill it on the board too. Sometimes you get guys that go out and purchase the best of the best for video equipment and just start hanging out at the skate parks. This can be their ticket to chillin’ with the Big Guns, but that doesn’t make them a filmer. Just because you film the best dude out there, doesn’t mean for a second that the video’s gonna be any good. You need to have talent when you film, you need to have visions prior to filming, and you need to be dedicated to making videos that people enjoy watching. And Ethan has all of these assets.

I remember Ethan from when he was younger and used to hang with Jeff Cole and he was always determined. He had talents, he had confidence, and he had visions. It’s awesome to see this young kid bring these visions to reality, and find himself. After a summer of releasing a bunch of unique Hi8 videos of multiple rippers, Ethan Craig has announced that he is now filming for his first Full Length Skate Video –“Daze” – which will be premiered near the end of 2013. Can’t wait to see it buddy.

Here’s the first trailer to get you hyped

[youtube id=”lnkSRiNtpiU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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