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David Martin

David Martin is a young kid from Surrey that skates at Chuck Bailey and Fleetwood Skate Parks a lot. He hasn’t been skating very long but I’ve gotten to know him pretty good. He comes to my Skateboard Competitions and has been in a few of the Camps in the past couple summers. He’s one of those kids that loves to learn new tricks but isn’t really worried about being the best. He’s a fast learner and tends to be consistent with his tricks. Once he learns a new one, he’s on it. I’m sure if he sticks with it, he’s most likely gonna be really good in about 2 more years.

Here’s a little video David sent me of him rippin’ up Fleetwood Skate Park

Check it

[youtube id=”Qxr4QyYGtFo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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