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Crazy, Crazy, Crazy…. and a little more Crazy

I’ve been flippin’ around on Youtube lately and I came across this skateboard video called “Crazy tricks skate compilation 2012” so of course I checked it. Wow, I don’t know where this guy’s been grabbin’ all this footage from but he’s definitely found some of the most intense and insane skateboard tricks of all time and put them together in one video just to blow your mind. You know Chris Cole is in there a couple of times, but no Rodney Mullen, Danny Gonzales, or Chris Haslam. Still an amazing display of chaotic masterpiece tricks, and my favorite tricks in the video would be tied between 2 people I don’t recognize –

Backside Willy Grind to Nollie 360 flip on a bleacher


Straight Wally to back foot impossible over a barricade

2 tough tricks I didn’t think I was ever going to see in my lifetime, but whammo, there they were.

Check the video when you’re ready

Uploaded by skateboardtimefull on Jan 22, 2012 I have to rate your video 4 out of 5 stars, only because I did not see Dan Pageau in it. Maybe you haven’t heard of Mr. Pageau, the Canadian Wonder straight out of Montreal. Dan now lives in the Vancouver area of British Columbia and is still representing hardcore. Hangin’ with Ben Chibber and riding for Monke skateboards now, he’s been putting fresh insane single trick clips on Youtube regularly. I loved your video, but I have to request another Crazy Tricks Compilation from you, with a dash of Pageau

Check out this link to The Best of Dan Pageau. Dan’s gotta be really close in age with me, and you can tell by watching him that he’s definitely been skateboarding for a long, long time. From the baggy pants, small wheels era, all the way to the flip trick fiasco we live in today, you’re gonna see a ton of bluntslides, kinked rails, and unheard of flip tricks. My 2 all time fav’s from Dan’s video part in “Underworld Underrated” just happen to be in this video –

50-50 across and down a long, round handrail to kickflip out


The infamous: Nollie Lazerflip Bluntslide across a raised up picnic table

Go Pageau…


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