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Chopper and The Osaka Daggers

Osaka DaggersLast month I went to a skateboard convention called Inter-style. It’s where Surf, Snow and skateboard companies all get together to show off their new line of product for the new year as well as a chance to show off their own teams talent. One team I did not expect to meet were the Osaka Daggers, one of the worlds best skate teams in my opinion. The creativity these guys put into their skating is absolutely incredible. I highly encourage you to watch their videos if you haven’t yet, especially videos of their leader, Chopper. I always watched their videos countless times while I was in Canada, but I never would have guessed that I would have the chance to meet them in person. On top of that they let me skate with them as well. It was a blast and certainly something I won’t forget. These guys are the definition of what skateboarding is to me.

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