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Bonsor Loc’s – Doin’ Their Thing

In Spring of this year Sebastien “Fez” Tellez took over the old Push Skate Shop in Metrotown and renamed it “Have 2 Skate” Shop. Being right across the street from Bonsor Skate Park this shop always has a posse hangin’ out and Fez loves to film with his budds. Here’s a video from the summertime featuring Bonsor Loc’s such as Kodi Amohgraphix, Travis Emerson, Ryan Prasad and Protest Team Rider Brad “Fighter” Muscat, plus some more. There’s a bunch of stuff in this video that doesn’t need to be, and some that probably shouldn’t be, if you know what I’m saying. The good skating starts around 7 1/2 minutes in, and you should definitely give it a watch just to see a cop in full uniform bust a heelflip on someone’s board outside the shop.

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