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B-Rad at the Lad

B-Rad at the Lad

Fighter (Brad Muscat) disappears to the mountains all winter every winter, but when he comes back to the skateboard world each Spring he has new confidence and ambition to go big. As you might have seen from that Benihana Photo we posted for his birthday last week.

Brad is a true “Fighter” and does not like to give up. This kid will lie on the ground for 10 minutes writhing in pain and then get up and try the trick again. I’ve seen him skate in full arm casts and even a full leg brace. He skates hard and has lots of skill, and he does a lot of tricks that others don’t do, and even a bunch that he created himself. Addicted to Judo Blunts, Crooks and Benihanas, Brad sets the bar high on scary obstacles. I love the fact that he does the most hated trick of all time in so many different places, not too many people can Benihana a 9 stair first try in their contest runs.

So Brad went to Ladner Skate Park a couple weeks ago on a broken board and couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards – “Gotta go back to Ladner and film. Gotta go back to Ladner Bowl…” So on Friday when I asked him what he wanted to do, it was obvious what his answer would be. We skated for about an hour and the Fighter threw down a bunch of tricks that most people wouldn’t even try, including a piece of history.

Have you ever seen someone Benihana Transfer straight over a spine before?? You have now…

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