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not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique.

Hippie Mike opens Authetic

It’s funny, when I chose to open up a Skate Shop we were throwing names around back and forth trying to come up with something that was unique, but still meant something really cool that related to skateboarding, to the City of Surrey, and of course to myself – Hippie Mike. The shitty part was, every single name I thought of myself had been over used before. At first when this name Authentic was thought up I honestly questioned it, not really feeling it. I didn’t like Authentic Skate Shop, or Authentic Board Shop, but Authentic Board Supply had an interesting ring to it, and as I said it to myself a few times, I started listening to it, and I wanted to know more about that title – Authentic

I hit up the old dictionary and read the first line of the definition: Not false or copied; Genuine; Real: and Authentic Antique – all of a sudden I was attached to this name. I’m as far from being false as it gets, I’m straight to the core, plus I don’t copy people in anything; The word Genuine made me think of all the changes I helped make in the community over the past decade and how Surrey has such an awesome skate scene now; Real, it couldn’t be more real, I was ready to quit a job with the government after 11 years which I got to help make a lot of decisions in many different ways to run a skateboard shop; and this skateboard shop will be a piece of Surrey’s History Book forever no matter how long it lasts definitely making it an Authentic Antique. Then I started thinking Wow, this is getting serious, this is “As Real as it Gets” and the slogan stuck in my brain. All of a sudden, everything just clicked.

I love having the new Skate Shop and so many people are stoked to see it in Surrey, especially right in old Whalley. We’ve been super blessed with having lots of customers and everybody smiles in our store, it feels great. And the awesome part is now I get to continue to create all these sweet events for people to enjoy but have it promote something that is mine. Thank you all for your support and positive vibes. We’ve already made quite a few things happen in the community and there is plenty more to come.

Here’s what’s going on right now:

Authentic Team Demo and Video showing at Chuck Bailey Skate Park:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Surrey What! Saturdays:

New team rider video on the site every Saturday

Fast Times Fridays (Indoor Skate Spot):

Every Friday 3-6pm

Alice McKay building on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds

Skate School Lessons:

February 12-March 5   Ages 6-12

Alice McKay building on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds

And there’s a contest coming up February 8th, stay tuned to the website for details.

If you haven’t been to the shop, come on in for a visit any day of the week 10am-6pm

Unit#1-10604 King George Blvd

or visit us online




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