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Vancouver Youth Week Jam


Organized by Jeff Cole in cooperation with the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition, Michelle Pezel at Anti Social, Thunderbird Community Centre and some others, the Vancouver Youth Week Jam was a hit yesterday. It was sunny, very warm, and lots of kids showed up. Old School Langley’s Thom Prior showed up to MC and run the events, with classic comedy of course. Thom actually used to co-MC events in Surrey back in the day with Hippie Mike. There were tons of “Trick Comps” on many different obstacles throughout the afternoon and most of the kids there took home a prize or two. Protest riders Andy Anderson and Brad Muscat cleaned up pretty good but gave some of what they won away to the younger kids that need it more.

Nothing too standout at this one, just another fun event for all the spoiled skater kids of Vancouver and it’s surrounding areas.

Here are a few photos

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