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Kitsch at Chuck Bailey

Another successful demo at Chuck Bailey Skate Park. Geoff Dermer, Stacy Gabriel, Will Blakley and Mike Hastie along with a couple other special guests represented at Chuck last night, August 23rd, 2012. We threw in some Coastal Riders dudes for the Demo, like Dustin Locke, Jordan Zazula, John Hanlon and Paul Machnau, and then of course I was on the mic. We had a sweet BBQ with free hot dogs to start the night off right. The Demo was good and there were lots of kids that showed up for the show, and then Dermer threw out some product and had a Best Trick Contest on the 3block. Stephan Burke took home a fresh Kitsch Deck for a solid backside 360.

After all that we got to watch the infamous Bric-a-Brac Video on the Urban Screen (the outside wall of the rec centre). This was the first movie ever played on the Urban Screen and due to the success of the event, the people from The Surrey Arts Centre were stoked and want to do it more often.

Kitsch Demo Chuck Bailey

Thanks to Geoff, the Kitsch guys, Coastal dudes, DJ Cuzo, the Arts Centre, and the 150 people that came out throughout the night…

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