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Jamcouver 2013 recap


Over the long weekend to start off the month of August some of the top names of skateboarding came out to Vancouver to participate in the 2nd Jamcouver Contest. Zenga Bros. built and delivered a ton of wooden ramps to English Bay downtown Vancouver and the crowd started pouring in to watch this event that Sandro Grison worked very hard to put together. Tons of tricks went down and the local boys represented what we are all about. Top skaters of the day were Magnus Hanson, Lee Yankou & Sebo Walker with honourable mentions going out to Adam Hopkins, Mike “Hashbrown” Shulze, Cody Mcentire, Bryant Chabo, Jon Sciano and Matt Berger.

Check out the full recap from Color Magazine & along with a sick video put together by Jordan Mayfield

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